Some Love for Big Sur: Bixby Bridge Painting

Big Sur has seen quite a winter, with landslides and rockslides too numerous to count, and with the closing of Pfieffer Canyon Bridge, I am afraid it may be awhile before people coming from Monterey Bay can access our favorite spots like Nepenthe, Post Ranch, Ventana, Deetjins and Esalen. I painted this while meditating on a quick recovery for the road so that the local economy can be up and running again soon. 

Marin Hills in January

MARIN HILLS   10x10"   Acrylic on Canvas     Available: $150

MARIN HILLS   10x10"   Acrylic on Canvas     Available: $150


Marin is dear to my heart as a number of our close family friends live there. We took a trip up in early January to visit our friends in Novato, who have an amazing view of the hills from their home. This painting was inspired by the photo to the right, which I shot in the Golden Hour of the day, just after sunset. 

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