I am an artist, designer, and art teacher living in Santa Cruz, California. I create contemporary impressionist paintings and boho watercolor illustrations inspired by California and life in the Western United States. I also am a freelance graphic designer, art director, and marketing consultant specializing in print work, branding, and events. I live with my husband and young daughter and work from my home studio in Soquel village.


I grew up in rural New England, in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire in a small tourist town named Wolfeboro, "The Oldest Summer Resort In America". My childhood home was (and still is) on a lake, and the majority of my childhood memories are of spending time in the outdoors, soaking in the natural beauty that I was lucky enough to be surrounded by. I also poured large amounts of time into creating art during those long New England winters, and was always dancing and making music, or participating in theater. I am your classic Art/Music/Dance/Theater geek—organized sports were never my thing! 

When the college years hit, I had the opportunity to move to Breckenridge, Colorado for a summer, which quickly turned into a permanent move. Colorado is arguably one of the most inspiring places on this earth, and I wanted to soak up its beauty. Not to mention the people just felt like "my people"—outdoorsy, creative traveler-types from all over the country and the world. After a season of ski-bumming, I transferred to the University of Colorado in Boulder and graduated with a B.A. in Graphic Design & Digital Media and Cultural Anthropology. I moved back to Breckenridge and spent several years working at a design studio that specialized in Branding and Advertising for the ski tourism industry and luxury real estate. 

After 7 years in Colorado, solidly converted to a Westerner, I decided I wanted to experience life on the west coast (with a much milder climate!), and made a move to Santa Cruz, California. I chose this town for its abundance of outdoor activities and its climate, the fact that it had the ocean AND the mountains (I need trails like a fish needs water!), a thriving artist community, great music and dance scene, two colleges, and the endless opportunities of being connected to the Bay Area. Over 10 years later I am still here, and in love with this place and all it has to offer.

Please follow along on Instagram and Facebook to stay informed about my projects and events. View my Resume to get a feel for my experience or have a look at my Design Portfolio. Have a beautiful day!